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Wedding Photography Toronto

Weddings are full of blissful and wonderful moments and it is exciting as a photographer to be a part of it. In an atmosphere filled with love, joy and emotions, being in the moment and capturing those irreplaceable moments is pure joy.

Weddings are not only special, but every one of them is unique. The experience and the memories associated with each one of them are totally priceless. Those experiences have taught me many valuable things too.

One of the best parts of being a wedding photographer is connecting with a couple on one of their happiest days ever. Learning about their history and hearing their beautiful story is a treat as everyone has a different story to offer. Writing your wedding story with gorgeous photos is my pride and joy.

I understand that the stress and effort involved in the making of this wonderful day cannot be overlooked. Delivering stunning and perfect photos are not the only priority. To reduce stress and help things run smoothly, it is my job to take time to discuss and make plans with the clients. This helps me to know you better, understand your needs, and work with a specific target in mind to deliver the result that matches your style.

It is your special day; the two of you deserve the best of everything, and to be treated like royals. Looking through your wedding pictures long after the wedding will help you recreate the most beautiful day of your lives. I hope to have a fabulous and memorable experience with you and your loved ones.

Why I would be the perfect photographer to capture your wedding

  • I’m an enthusiastic and personable photographer that will not only blend seamlessly with your family and friends but also create a vibe that sets the tone for incredible images with lots of smiles.

  • I don’t have a big roster of photographers that I delegate my photo shoots to. When you hire me to capture your wedding, you get the same photographer that captured and edited every image on this website so you will be guaranteed that you’ll love them!

  • Every wedding shoot includes an online gallery that can easily be shared with friends & family. You can view some now in the featured galleries section.

  • Full resolution images can be downloaded or delivered on a USB flash drive for your convenience. These images are perfect for making prints of all sizes. Web size images are also included that are perfect for websites, social media etc.

  • Super short turn-around time on photos. You can expect your edited photos to be delivered in 1-2 weeks after the wedding. Most other photographers can take as long as 4-6 months.

  • I heavily lean towards candid photographs as I feel they best represent the real stories of the day. However, I’m still up for as many group and couples shots as you are! Instead of stiff poses, I tend give my couples prompts or motions to do as they make them appear the most natural. No stiff or uncomfortable looking brides and grooms here!

  • I use professional grade equipment (Nikon Full Frame) with ‘fast lenses’ and off camera flash that can make amazing images when the ambient lighting is really dark.

  • I always have backup camera gear with me and write to 2 memory cards simultaneously so any sort of technology failure won’t affect your photos!

  • Flexible and affordable pricing. I understand that pricing is an important concern for many. This is why I have different packages that suit every budget.

  • I have insurance for my camera gear and also general liability.

  • I dress the part! I don’t think that just because I’m working means I can dress down. I will shoot your whole wedding in dark dress clothes so that I don’t distract anyone’s attention either in person or in other photos that your friends & family will take.

  • I’m experienced in LGBTQ Weddings as well as cultures including Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist & Sikh.

  • 2nd photographer available at a discounted rate for very large weddings.

  • Videography services are also available by request.

Check out more photos in featured galleries

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