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Jane & Dan's Wedding


Universal EventSpace Wedding

I had the pleasure recently of working with Dan & Jane Savino on what would be one of the most memorable day of their lives. One of the things I enjoy most about shooting weddings is learning the couples story. It really helps me with coming up with a strategy on how to specifically capture them and showcase what their love story is like as they officially join it together on their special day. 

The two met through a mutual friend in 2015. Their first date was at a seafood restaurant and it turns out they were inseparable from that day on! Jane said they always went for hikes, so one particular evening Dan asked if she wanted to go on a hike. He had made a sign on a piece of wood and wrote, “Jane will you marry me?” Dan, hung it in a tree, and when they got to that spot on the hiking trail, he handed her the flashlight and said, “what does that sign say?” Dan was on his knee in the snow and Jane shouted out of pure excitement, “YES!!!” Dan proposed to Jane on January 29, 2019. A day and experience that will be remembered between the two of them for the rest of their wonderful lives. 

Finding out their story really helps me to understand their personalities and the style of their relationship. Knowing that they had a secluded proposal let’s me know they enjoy a bit of privacy as they showcase their affection for each other. Knowing this, I try to catch the best moments through candid shots of them at the wedding. Where no one is in front and focused on them, they’re just sharing the beautiful moment between themselves. When I’m able to capture that essence between the two of them, it just brings out a magical level in the photographs you can’t artificially recreate. 

I asked them which venue they chose and why to possibly help out anyone else who may be struggling to find a venue. They told me they chose Universal EventSpace because they heard awesome reviews about it and the two of them loved how modern looking it was. They were extremely happy with their choice and solidified it by stating, “it was perfect!!!” Afterwards, their honeymoon plans were a warm trip to Jamaica where they stayed at Iberostar Grand Rose Hall and had a wonderful time. 

No wedding is complete without amazing food and a delicious cake. Their choices include salmon and risotto for starters and steak chicken with seasoned vegies for the main dish. Finally, a mouth watering two-tier sfoglia cake with chocolate cream from La Sem was selected to round out the meal they would enjoy with their closest friends & family.

Venue - Universal EventSpace Florist: Costco Wholesale
Hair: Marella Hair Styling Décor & Rentals: Around the Table
Make-up: The Dollhouse Beauty Bar Cake: lasemcakes.ca
Bridal Gown(s): The Royal Bridal Boutique Music: S4 Entertainment
Groom(s) Suit/Tux: Freeman Formal Officiant: Bill Shelsen

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