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How To Prepare For Your Engagement Photography Session


How To Prepare For Your Engagement Photography Session

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Has your sweetheart said yes? Congratulations! What better way to spread the love to your friends & family than with an engagement photo session. Preparation is the key to achieving the best results for these photos that will last a lifetime. Some practical ways on how to prepare for your engagement photography session are:

1. Plan your makeup and hair.

Whether you have hired a professional or you do your own, decide on a look that you are most confident in. Most women and men typically prefer a timeless, no-makeup look but it is totally up to you.

2. Shine your ring.

Yes, there will be some very close-up shots of you and the ring. So give it some shine before the photo session.

3. Reach the venue on time.

When you are in a rush, nothing seems to work. Aim to be at the venue 15 minutes early. This will allow you to get ready leisurely, talk to the photographer, and mentally relax as well.

4. Arrive to the location in your outfit

Unless the location of your photography session is in your backyard, it's usually better to arrive to the shoot dressed in your outfit. Popular engagement session locations like parks can make it difficult to get changed on site. The same can also be said for your makeup and hair.

5. Have two sets of outfits.

Although this is not mandatory and your shoot location doesn't make getting changed difficult, having a formal and a casual look is a good idea. You can take the photographs in formal wear first and then proceed to the casual look as you end the session. If you choose to only do one outfit, going the formal route or something close to that will definitely make your photos pop more.

6. It is ok not to co-ordinate.

Twining or looking matchy-matchy with your fiancé can be a bit out dated and boring. As long as the color palette is harmonious, you can both wear separate colors.

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