Urban, event, street, landscape, portrait – you name it, I want to capture it! I offer wedding photography services for Greater Toronto Area Residents.

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Thank you for for visiting our couples & engagement photography page. Here you’ll find images from various engagement and proposal shoots. If you’ve just got engaged or are planning a proposal, I’d love to capture this important milestone in your lives! Set up a shoot by reaching out by e-mail or phone.

Engagement Photographer Toronto Area Services

Congratulations and welcome to our site. Kotsy Photography is a Toronto based company that specializes in engagements, weddings, and other special events. As you start to take steps towards a wonderful life together. Every couple has an interesting, inspiring, and beautiful story. Kotsy’s role as an engagement photographer is to preserve your story with stunning pictures.

An engagement period in the journey of the couples is one of the sweetest and most exciting times. It’s one of those times when love, romance, and passion between the couples are at a peak. To shoot and capture those sweet moments is truly a wonderful experience. Those precious moments will be a memory, and the most valuable treasure you will cherish for a very long time.

For this reason, Kotsy Photography considers each and every little detail.

What can you expect from our engagement photography services?

·        The most important thing that Kotsy values is friendship, and Kotsy primarily focuses on delivering client satisfaction to make you smile.

·         Kotsy will consult with the couple before the appointed time, Kotsy will talk about your style, your story, and your needs. This way, Kotsy can make adjustments and produce the exact the same result you have in mind, or even better.

·         Kotsy would like to recommend that it’s best to work with the same photographer on the engagement day as well as the wedding day. You’d be more comfortable, and on the other hand, the photographs will be more consistent.

Beautiful things surround us, but we often fail to take notice, this is where photography comes into play. Make your engagement day a truly great and memorable one by using the services of a professional engagement photographer.

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