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5 Questions You Should Ask Every Photographer You Interview


5 Questions You Should Ask Every Photographer You Interview

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Whether you are planning to hire a photographer for a wedding or special event, communication is crucial. After you have made your list and sent out some e-mails, now you need to get down to interviewing them before you book him or her.

While more and more bookings are set up entirely through e-mail, it's always a great idea to schedule a phone call with the photographer. This will help you get to feel the energy of the photographer and how comfortable you will be with them. Having good chemistry with the photographer is really important and something that definitely shows in the photos. Just think - being comfortable with the photographer means you look comfortable in your photos.

That said, the five questions you should ask every photographer you are considering hiring.

1. What is your style of photography?

Every professional photographer has a distinct style of capturing photographs. So you need to know if you like their style of shooting and whether their interpretation suits your taste. There is also the question of shooting digital and film. See samples of their works and make a decision.

2. What is your experience in this field?

Experience with shooting in a particular field is also important. It is not rude to ask how long they have been working in a specific area. A landscape photographer with 10 years experience that just got into wedding photography may not be the best choice for your wedding.

3. Who will be the photographer at the event?

Sometimes photographers will have an associate or an assistant take the interview on their behalf. The best thing is to ask to speak to the photographer who will be covering your event. Some larger companies have a big roster of photographers and assign them to the various shoots that come in. The photographer who's work that caught your eye on the website may not be the same photographer that shows up to your shoot.

4. What are your packages/pricing?

Here you need to ask if your package includes shooting overtime, taxes, whether an associate photographer will be present and hours of coverage. It's also a good idea to ask if there are any other charges that might appear later down the road or if the price your being quoted is the final price you can expect to pay. It's not uncommon for photographers to charge for their time shooting but not including any images in the delivery, which are entirely separate fee.

5. What is your delivery time?

Delivery time can range from a day to several months depending on the type of photography service and whether or not the photographer does this for a living or has another full time job. You should also ask if you get to select the pictures, whether you will get prints and albums and how long the online gallery will be online for, if that's even offered. Also, ask if you will have the rights to your photographs.

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